Detox Serum:

Throughout the day our skin absorbs toxins from the environment causing imperfections, tired and dull looking complexion. The detox serum is essential to purifying the skin, and allows the skin to breathe freely.  This gel textured serum with Violet scent is so smooth, it lays like silk onto the skin. Its active ingredients Ulva Lactuca, a Japanese seaweed, Hyaluronic Acid and Organic Silicon work in synergy against environmental toxins, deactivating their harmful effects on the skin. The result is your skin is purified, complexion brightened and skin pores tightened. 


active ingredients:

Ulva lactuca (Japanese seaweed): to oxygenate
Arginine: to boost cellular renewal
Organic silicon: to revitalize and tonify
Hyaluronic acid: to revitalize and moisturize

Application ritual:

In the morning: apply after your lotion. Do not massage, but gently smooth into your skin.
May be used alone or followed by your day cream.
In the evening: use its pairing product –Volumizing Serum

Tip to increase the detox effect:

Use Protective Antipollution Lotion or Thermoregulatory Lotion before using Detox Serum.