multiple actions with just one device

BMS (Biomechanical Stimulation) and vibrovacuum were originally developed to support elite athletes competing in the olympics. This new form of physiotherapy supported the health and function of muscles and ligaments and significantly improved performance of athletes. Recently, this form of physiotherapy was introduced to the world of aesthetic medicine and rejuvenation where it quickly gained attention from practitioners due to its non-invasive yet highly effective actions on the skin, muscles and other supportive structures of the face.

Many are probably familiar with facial cupping therapy, which uses vacuum or negative pressure to improve skin texture, release muscle tension and achieve an overall lifting effect. This is a great form of non-invasive therapy but not without its limits. One of these limits is lack of flexibility to adjust the negative pressure for each client. Everyone’s face has different thickness skin and muscles, which require individualized negative pressure adjustments to achieve maximum results and avoid injury. Second, cupping or vacuum is a form of therapy that is limited to just vacuum. Although vacuum on its own can be therapeutic, its effectiveness is enhanced significantly when combined with vibration therapy. The combination of vacuum and vibration therapy is called vibrovacuum. It takes vacuum to the whole new level, achieving greater, more efficient and lasting aesthetic and functional results

Vibrovacuum is a unique form of therapy that not only provides vacuum or negative pressure but also vibration therapy. Vibration occurs within the vacuum itself and provides a sensation os multiple finger tappings or kisses. Vibrovacuum combination provides tissue decompression, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. It also supports the cellular processes of tissues including skin, fat and muscles and is highly effective at reducing appearance of cellulite. Vibrations are administered along the length of the muscles fibers, acting on mechano receptors (specialized sensory nerves in cutaneous and subcutaneous structures) of the somatosensory system. This effectively works on improving skin texture irregularities, providing smooth and silky appearance.

BMS and vibrovacuum

Biomechanical Stimulation or simply BMS provides a form of mechanical stimulation targeted to each individual muscle which control facial expression (mimetic muscles). The intensity of BMS is adjusted to either increase or decrease muscle tone. BMS is a form of passive facial exercise where muscle training consists of both stimulation and relaxation. It is very important to address muscle tension before toning the muscles. Muscle tension can negatively affect not only the appearance of the skin, but also function of the underlying structures. As a result, this can cause poor circulation and lymphatic drainage, jaw tension, poor posture, headaches and neck pain. BMS therapy effectively addresses muscle tension as well as poor muscle tone providing the ultimate tonifying and functional therapeutic effect to the muscles and the skin. 

trains skeletal muscles achieving toned and lifted appearance of the face and body

improves lymphatic circulation, reduces swelling and puffiness

promotes better nutrient delivery to the skin 

anti-cellulite effects through improved cellular metabolism 

reduces appearance of marionette lines by improving the skin cell integrity

reduces inflammation by improving cellular metabolism and blood circulation

helps release psychoemotional blockages often associated with everyday stress

releases tension associated with TMJ syndrome

benefits of BMS + vibrovacuum