Epidermology - Epidermologie

Epidermology (also known as Epidermologie) is a new approach and different method in cosmetology created by French biochemist and global facialist Joelle Ciocco based on her 40 years of experience and skin background.

Epidermis is the cutaneous upper layer of our skin organ, a major protection of our internal system from the external environment. It’s a real cloth, the membraine with its own specificity made of keratin cells, water, oil and microorganisms. This cutaneous layer forms a non homogeneous ecosystem.

Each individual’s ecosystem is different and depends on their genetics, history, prevailing living conditions, health, climate changes ,etc.

The role of Epidermologist is to:

  • Make an assessment of all these factors which have an influence on each individual’s skin
  • Make a customized treatment with products which will boost the skin to operate to it’s maximum potential and obtain the skin resilience against oxidative stress.
  • Maintain the ideal skin PH (5.5-5.8) which is the basis of Epidermology and a natural anti-aging.
    • If the ideal PH Is not maintain, the skin resilience becomes unbalanced letting appear dark spots, loss of glow, wrinkles, imperfections, sensitivities, etc. This unbalance is aggravated by pollution, heat, food, state of mind and wrongly adapted cosmetic routine.

Skin Rehab / Facials

Grand Soin

Grand Soin is a real detoxification of the skin. This 2.5 hours treatment begins with the consultation based on client’s information form which she/he is requested to fill prior to an appointment and an assessment data which is reviled to the therapist either by looking or touching the skin.

The consultation lasts about 30-45 min and a skin care protocol will be established with the recommendations and the beauty products to be used as well as specific skin care treatments.

After the consultation the following phases will be performed:

  • Cleansing
  • Supplementation
  • Massage ( sculptural or/and buccal)
  • Extraction
  • Mask
  • Protection

Each massage technique, each application of plant extracts, oils or cosmetic products are totally adapted to the individuality of each face.

Three months will be necessary to see a valuable result.

Our mission of this treatment is to give a better oxygenation, better nourishment to the skin shield, protect it well from external pollutants and oxidative stress thus make it act as a natural anti-aging membrane.

Anti-pollution skin care treatment

This 1 hour 15 min facial starts the Grand Soin treatment for those who wants to discover our concept of Epidermology and have little time to spend and for return customers to adapt their current membrane condition to each seasonal chance and increasing level of pollution.