beyond the basic principles of cosmetology

Epidermology is a new approach and a different method in cosmetology that focuses on supporting the skin’s invisible living layer.

Epidermis or “The Miracle Wrap” is the upper layer of our skin, which is extremely effective first-line defense from the outside world. It helps to shield us from pollution, chemicals and infections as well as prevent dehydration and mechanical stress. What’s more interesting is that recent studies show that on the surface of our skin lives an invisible layer of billions of microorganisms. These include microbes, bacteria and fungi that together create an ecosystem which interacts with the environment. The defining characteristic of an ecosystem is resilience – the ability to recover quickly from shock or trauma. A healthy ecosystem must be able to bounce back fast. Similarly, the ecosystem that we carry with us on the skin must be resilient to be able to recover from shock such as sunburn or dehydration. Resilient skin is healthy skin which is achieved by supporting the invisible living layer of the skin.      

Assess the skin according to the principles of Epidermology

assess the factors influencing skin resilience

provide individualized treatment with natural products supporting the skin ecosystem

maintain an ideal skin pH throughout the treatment improving the function of the protective barrier of the skin*


the role of epidermologist

* If the ideal pH is not maintained, skin loses its resilience and we start seeing skin sensitivities and imperfections. Factors that influence the changes in pH include pollution, processed foods, stress and inappropriate skincare routine

skin rehab-facials

grand soin

Grand Soin is a real detoxification of the skin. This 2.5 hours treatment begins with the consultation based on client’s information form which she/he is requested to fill prior to an appointment and an assessment data which is revieled to the therapist either by looking or touching the skin.

The consultation lasts about 30-45 min and a skin care protocol will be established with the recommendations and the therapeutic cosmetic products to be used as well as specific skin care ritual.

After the consultation the following phases will be performed:

Each massage technique, each application of plant extracts, oils or cosmetic products are totally adapted to the individuality of each face.

To achieve valuable results three months of treatment is recommended after which Anti-pollution facial can be used to maintain the results.

The goal of this treatment is to give better oxygenation and nourishment to the skin, protecting it well from external pollutants and oxidative stress. It is essential for the anti-ageing regimen.


This 1 hour 15 min facial is an introduction of the Grand Soin treatment for those who want to discover the concept of Epidermology. It is also great for those who are short on time and for returning customers as a maintenance therapy.