As we age, cell turnover drastically slows down causing changes in skin’s pigmentation and texture. Stratum corneum thickens and skin’s water retention decreases, resulting in the appearance of dryness, dullness, lack of elasticity and wrinkled complexion. Mesotherapy promotes global action on different levels to slow down skin’s aging process, offering the best enhancement in skin appearance. Carefully chosen actives such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, coenzymes, minerals, nucleic acids, peptides, plant stem cells, plasma or botanical extracts are chosen based on unique needs the skin. Cosmetic mesotherapy allows delivery of active ingredients much deeper into the skin than most topical serums and creams. For the last couple of years facial mesotherapy has become one of the most sought-after facial treatment effective and modern way to improve the skin condition.

Traditional mesotherapy

Mesotherapy was invented in 1952 by doctor Michel Pistor (France). Initially mesotherapy was developed for many medical uses including: treatment for anxiety, insomnia, bone spurs, muscle spasms, carpal tunnel syndrom, fibromyalgia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy and osteoarthritis. Mesotherapy works on the principle of delivering ingredients into the mesoderm- the middle layer of the skin using special disposable micro needles.

Nowdays mesotherapy is commonly used for lipolysis into targeted areas to shape your body, to treat excess fat and help reduce cellulite.

Different techniques and their combination are used in the traditional mesotherapy.  The proper way is determined by a professional depending on the skin condition, area of implementation and desirable result.

Micro Mesotherapy

Active substance is applied to the subcutaneous tissue through multiple microneedle punctures ( micro-mesotherapy). In Vita Epidermology Center we use three-in-one performance: Oxytherapy, Micro-mesotherapy and Double Pulverization System.

540 diamond shaped micro-pins passage onto the skin layer triggers the normal healing response within the skin while the continuous jet of oxygen absorbed enables the cellular turnover and increases the elasticity and tone of the skin.

Mesotherapy 1
Non-invasive mesotherapy

During the non-invasive mesotherapy, active substances are introduced deep into the tissue through laser technology and electrical pulses. In Vita Epidermology Center we use innovative EPM technology which combines Electroporation and Microchip Transdermal technology to effectively deliver anti-aging nutrients to the skin. This method increases the circulation, accelerates metabolism of the cells and resists aging of the skin cells.

The procedure has a pleasant relaxing effect. After the treatment, the patient experiences feelings similar to those following a good massage.

Indications for mesotherapy:




Flaccid skin

Stretch marks

Dull skin



Thinning hair

Fat accumulation

Mesotherapy effects are not only locall but also systemic resulting in sleep improvement, stress reduction and immune system stimulation.

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