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CO2 extraction method of Sea buckthorn Oil and Australian Virgin Jojoba Oil ensures a stable oil and reduces risk of oxidation for healthier experience. An essential skin nutrient for all skin types, presenting conditions and changes in skin behaviour. 

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Aromatic & potent Sea buckthorn oil provides over 190 nutritional compounds to help reduce inflammation, support skin hydration and protect the microbiome. Lightweight and non comedogenic.

Fast absorbing, Qi Intense Oil strengthens and restores the skin without feeling heavy. Nutrients including omegas, vitamins, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) and Amino acids support skin day and night. Sea buckthorn and Jojoba biological actions support skin hydration, balance sebum and protect microbiome. 


          • Intense oil  is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial oil that balances the sebum production to help restore impaired skin function.

          • It delivers intense nutritional support to skin, supporting the microbiome for healthy skin flora, and hydrating capabilities.  


          • Intense is suitable for all skin conditions, inflammatory skin conditions and reactive skin, speak to a Qi beauty therapist about using Qi beauty Intense Oil for eczema.

          • Ideal for skin that has sun damage TEWL and skin disorders stemming from severe dehydration;  sensitivities, poor skin barrier function


          • The natural aroma of the sea buckthorn seeds are not masked by fragrances, this allows us to deliver a pure oil. The aroma will always vary as seasonal and environmental changed impact the growing season.  

          • Organic earthy aroma

          • vegan

          • Co2 extraction method reduces oil oxidation ensuring the quality of oil you use on your skin is healthy and active.

          • The oil is extracted from the seed of the sea buckthorn plant. This is where the oil is of most benefit and contains over 190 nutritional compounds . 

          • Australian virgin jojoba oil is a sebum balancing oil use in skincare for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, reducing redness, ease the effects of eczema and rosacea, and keep skin calm and comfortable. The Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins in Jojoba help reduce oxidation and free-radical damage to skin


There are many ways to use intense oil to deliver a nutritional treatment to your skin. Find the method that suits you best. 

          • Light application. Apply 2-3 drops to fingertips and apply to skin, lightly brushing over skin, neck and décolletage.

          • Massage . Intense oil can be massaged into skin, the benefits of massaging skin with intense oil include; increasing circulation, massaging can assist in shifting congestion and stagnation, intense oil supports the skin microbiome for healthier skin flora

          • Gua Sha. Use Intense oil with your gut Sha or Jade roller. Massaging skin support lymphatic drainage and can brighten the complexion.

          • Treatment. Apply 4-7 drops of intense oil to skint night over your Qi beauty Matrix. Your matrix will assist absorption and skin stability, with pH normalising, and vaso-normative action.

          • Morning. Apply 2-3 drops over skin as a primer before sunscreen or makeup. This is a barrier defence to assist in reducing product absorption throughout the day.

          • Nightly. Over your Qi beauty Matrix to support healthy skin hydration and nourish skin with nutrients.

          • Over Serum. This will give skin a double barrier defence to support your serum. Apply intense oil after serum has dried.

          • Booster. Add it to your moisturiser or other skin nutrients. Intense oil is a concentrated dose of nutrients, enough to increase the  nutrient  base of any product you use it with. Mix 1 drop of intense oil into your daily moisturiser for increased nutritional support.

Qi beauty Intense Oil is a favourite skincare product of Gold Coast Actress Margot Robbie

Qi beauty Intense Oil is a favourite skincare product of Gold Coast Actress Margot Robbie

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