About us

Owner of Vita Epidermology Center graduated medical univeristy in Europe, where she had a successful practice as a dentist for more than 10 years before immigrating to Canada.  Victoria’s interest was in holistic, aesthetic dentistry focusing on the preservation of health. Her affair with cosmetic dermatology has begun ever since she went to Paris to study with a French beauty guru Joelle Ciocco, who inspired Victoria to create her own beauty center.



Skin is the heaviest and the largest organ in the body. It is an ecosystem between the inside and the outside that responds to ever changing environments (both inside and outside). Breaches in such balance promote various skin changes and sensitivities. With Epidermology, we restore this balance by stimulating the natural resources of the body which all of us have received from the universe. This is the foundational building block that maximizes results of any subsequent skin procedures.

Living in the modern society, we also cannot reject advancing scientific discoveries that are revolutionizing the beauty industry. We therefore incorporate advanced aesthetic medical procedures into our holistic view, blending the best of both worlds to achieve unparalleled aesthetic and functional beauty results. 


We are here to help you create a harmonious, fullfilling relationship with your skin. One, that will make you look and feel fabulous. Holistically stimulating skin’s  natural ability to rejuvinate, we help bring back the harmony between the external and internal environments of the skin. This harmony is what stimulates the proper functioning of the innate rejuvination mechanism, and is a building block to any additional advanced aesthetic medical procedures.