Qi beauty method

an integrative approach to
Skin Recovery

Skin Regeneration without injury

Certified Qi Beauty Practitioner Canada

Qi Beauty is a unique skin recovery method that combines principles of acupuncture points and meridians in combination with magnetic therapy. The technique was developed on the Gold Coast of Australia by Kathy Pedersen, who designed the treatment with not only aesthetic benefits in mind but also health. 

Using 1000 small, gauss specific 24 ct gold-plated magnets, a certified Qi Beauty practitioner places them directly on the skin in a unique configuration called the Matrix. The type of Matrix used is individually tailored to your specific skin needs. No two treatments are ever the same. Once placed on the skin, the magnets begin to communicate between each other, creating controlled Static Magnetic Field, activating  skin regeneration on a cellular and quantum level.   

“From a wrinkle under the eye, to the tip of a toe, the woven world of meridians transforms currents under the skin to influence skin redness, depth of lines, tissue density, pigment, nutrient supply and overall skin health.”

Qi Beauty Practitioner Toronto
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A visible change after first treatment

From the very first treatment, you can notice a visible change in skin texture, tone, hydration, depth of lines and colour. Skin regains healthy appearance, radiant glow and volume. There is no pain, injury or discomfort during the treatment. With  zero recovery time, this treatment is a great choice for brides, special occasions and events. As your therapy progresses, your Matrix will be customized accordingly to continue to improve skin appearance, health and function for longer lasting results. For ‘Before and After’ treatment results visit Qi Beauty International Results Gallery


Wrinkles and fine lines 

Skin health recovery for tired and damaged skin

Eye lines 

Skin tone, overall complexion, uneven tone, skin brightening 

Enhancing natural volume for cheeks, corner of the eye, lips, top lip, chin

Strengthening the lip line for a stronger and more defined line to reduce lipstick bleed

Increasing energy of skin for a more vibrant and healthy appearance 

Reducing redness, inflammation, heat, and skin irritations

Oxygenating skin for healthier skin recovery

Assisting scar healing and scar recovery (up to 4 days post-op) *Qi beauty Medi-Cosmedic only

Assisting recovery of damaged skin post microdermabrasion, cosmetic procedures, and some medications

Qi beauty™ assists strengthening the skin barrier to restore damaged barrier and TEWL

Qi beauty™ improves the environment for the skin microbiome to encourage healthy skin flora to attach, reducing breakouts, redness and skin disorders

Qi beauty is suitable for sensitive skin

What can Qi beauty help with?

Qi Beauty Home Kit

Long-term skin Recovery

50 treatments in every Kit following the Age-defying Matrix

The Qi Beauty Home Kit was actually developed BEFORE the facial treatment. This easy to use patch system was created based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to stimulate skin for self repair. The Home Kit relies on the original 12 acu and motor points Face Map to work below the surface of the skin to stimulate cellular processes. The Home Kit stimulates collagen and elastin, and makes skin appear clearer, firmer and naturally full. 

The Home Kit is personalized and adapted by Qi Beauty practitioner as the skin changes. It is a great way to support results of the Qi Beauty treatment in between sessions, or as a stand alone at home treatment. Using the Home Kit regularly shows long term benefits of smooth, firm and even skin tone. 


Qi Beauty Home Kit


Every contour and feature of the face is considered during every Qi beauty treatment. Qi beauty’s controlled gradients allow us to manipulate facial volume to where it needs to be for the best pro-health, pro-recovery results. Qi beauty method includes protocols for lifting, sculpting, reducing the depth and length of lines, and improving the texture and volume of skin to reduce crepeing. Qi beauty works below the surface. Once a Matrix is on, skin is instantly responsive to the Static Magnetic Field; from a cellular level, skin responds by moving all the sub-dermal compounds upwards. Skin appears healthy and energised. Qi beauty™ is completely damage-free, needle-free, pain-free, and is safe for people of all ages. 

*Standard Magnetic warning applies to people with pacemakers or pregnant women. 

The greatest sign of skin deficiencies – that is ageing – is the loss of energy. Qi beauty™ stimulates skin using a Matrix to oxygenate and energise. ATP cells are powered by oxygen and energy, Qi beauty™ works on the surface of skin using our gauss specific gold plated Micro-stimulators to create controlled gradients that function below the surface to power and restore homeostasis to skin deficiencies. 

You will benefit from the first treatment immediately. Qi beauty is safe for long-term use. As we are not damaging skin, inducing trauma to stimulate healing, Qi beauty is safe for weekly treatments. Your certified Qi beauty practitioner will create a skin management plan to maintain your skin health at every age. Qi beauty guarantees a result after just one treatment.

For Menopausal skin, loss of elasticity, collagen depletion and skin barrier impairment we recommend a treatment series, between 3 – 6 Qi beauty Treatments within 6 weeks.

Qi beauty™ gauss specific micro-stimulators are double gold coated and designed specifically for achieving skin lift and pro-health results. Gold Particle Alchemy assists with healthy skin pH and is known to be brightening for skin. After one use, Qi beauty™ micro-stimulators are noticeably tarnished, as the power of the magnet and the gold is spent on skin. 

After dermal fillers or injectables you should wait 2 weeks to have any other skin treatments, facials, or use any at-home devices, to allow the filler to settle. Advise your therapist of any fillers of immobilisers prior to your treatment.

Qi beauty uses technology that offers practitioners control of gradients for skin health recovery. Following one of Qi beauty’s 7 protocols, practitioners manage safe and controlled gradients within a SMF to facilitate the movement of intrinsic compounds that assist in redefining how skin looks and behaves.

Once a Matrix is removed volume remains in specific facial areas. This is a store of volume and is best maintained with the Home Kit or a progressive treatment plan (3-6 treatments). The Home Kit is a dermal performance patch system, it was designed to give women control of the way they age at home. Using the same technology, the Qi beauty Method is packed into a box that women can use anywhere, anytime. The Home Kit includes the three essential face Matrix, each using 12 points for skin health recovery, and additional techniques to DIY your own Matrix. Using the home kit 2-3 times weekly, provides an energetic boost to skin. The Home Kit trains skin to perform better.

Skin function relies on energy, as we age our cellular energy decreases – simply, we’re more tired! Using the Home Kit gives skin the support it needs to energetically perform intrinsic repair functions. Overtime skin will remain energised, healthy and active.

Qi beauty treatments are customised upon facial analysis. There are 7 Qi beauty protocols for anti-ageing, aesthetics, and skin health recovery. Every Matrix is customised for every client – no two matrix can ever be the same. A Qi beauty treatment is customised at the time of consult depending on desired outcomes, presenting skin conditions, and progression of treatments. 

Qi beauty guarantees results after just one treatment. All Qi beauty International™ before and after photos are after one facial treatment. Depending on age, presenting skin damage, and desired outcomes, Qi beauty™ can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and needs. The Qi beauty Home Kit is a retail product that is available to everyone who would like to stimulate skin to activate healing response for skin health and recovery. The home kit is recommended to maintain results between facial treatments and sustain life-long skin health recovery.  

There is no downtime or recovery needed following a Qi beauty™ Treatment. There is no bruising or side-effects. Qi beauty™ treatments can be delivered to skin up to twice a week for special events and occasions. Qi beauty™ is the best treatment to have the day before, or on the day of your big events like weddings, formals and celebrations. 

No, once the power of the micro-stimulators has been spent on skin the magnets are of no use for aesthetic. 


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