Sculptural massage is non invasive anti-gravity massage which is extremely efficient for aging skin of face, neck and décolleté. It is an effective alternative to facial plastic surgery and your facial muscles work out! Also, it is highly recommended after injections (Botox, Fillers, etc).

During this massage nearly each muscle of your face is sculptured by the hands of an epidermologist.

Performed on three sculptural lines (jaw, cheekbone and eyebrow) this massage increases blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, lifts the skin, strengthens facial muscles, corrects their forms and re-sculptures the entire face. Application of Joelle Ciocco products enhances the desirable lifting effect.

Duration of this treatment is about 60 min once or twice a week. Total sessions of 5-12 is recommended, then once to twice a month.

It’s possible to alternate or perform two types of massages at one session:

  • external ( sculptural)
  • internal (buccal)

Combining these techniques leads to not only an effective non-surgical face-lift but also stable psycho-emotional state of mind eliminating your stress, tension, emotional blockages, headaches and anxiety. Your skin will be transformed, beauty – revived and self-esteem – rebuild.

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