Spring and Summer Lotion:

When exposed to the sun your skin looses its natural acidity and alters its breathing capacity causing skin imperfections.

In my Laboratory, I tried to find a lotion to restore its natural balance and protect your epidermis.

Thermoregulatory Lotion rebalances your skin disturbed by climate changes, urban pollution, and sun screens by restoring its hydric and acidic mechanism.

I chose Aloe Vera and Carnicine to protect, repair and moisturize the skin that is very  essential in Spring and Summer.

When my clients come to me to buy the lotion I know that Spring has been arrived.

In Fall and Winter the Thermoregulatory Lotion should be  replaced by Antipollution Lotion.

Active Principles:

Aloe vera: to increase skin repair capacity, strongly moisturize and act as anti-radical agent
Tomato fruit extract: to boost skin renewal
Carnicine: bringing in amino acids to revitalize and firm the skin
Allantoin: to soothe and smoothen

Perfect Gesture:

Morning and evening after cleansing, pat onto your skin with your hands and follow by your daily care. At first it is normal to feel some tingling when applying.


May be used as after sun to sooth irritations.

Tips for men:

May be used to sooth beard and avoid skin imperfections.