Ultra-light regenerating serum:

This serum allows cell growth stimulation essential against tissue aging. It also strengthens skin’s defences against various aggressions (climate,UV, pollution), sensitivity and refinement requiring protein nutrient load.

Very effective penetration to the dermis via liposomes

Active Principles:

Matrikine: acts as anti-aging agent for the tissues, to repair and restructure
Soybean isoflavone: to revitalize and restructure
Vegetable collagen: to nourish and bring proteins to build skin intracellular matrix
Micro capsules of evening primrose oil: acts as antioxidant and shield against oxidative stresses

Perfect Gesture:

Apply after your lotion. Do not massage but apply with a light touch.
May be used alone or followed by your treatment cream.

Use its pairing product Detox Serum

Tip to boost its regenerating effects:

Use Protective Antipollution Lotion or Thermoregulatory Lotion before applying Volumizing Serum.