Anti-imperfections cream:

The imperfections appearing on your face come from an imbalance of your cutaneous flora which accumulates toxins without being able to protect or eliminate them.

To fight this imbalance I formulated Rebalancer.

A fluid cream to boost skin defenses and maintain its physiological balance thanks to Centella Asiatica and Horsetail.

Your skin strengthens its natural protection and its shield.

Rebalancer is a must for skins showing imperfections.

Active Principles:

Arginin and silicon: to boost cellular energetic cycle
Centella asiatica: acts as a powerful anti-aging agent and improves skin elasticity
Ulva lactuca (Japanese seaweed): to boost oxygenation and hydratation
Hyaluronic acid: to revitalize and moisturize

Perfect Gesture:

Morning and evening, after cleansing, apply a small quantity of cream on the entire face and neck. Lightly massage until totally absorbed.


Apply before Oxyclear in order to increase the effect of Rebalancer.