Moisturizing cream:

Even healthy balanced skins need protection and hydration.

I created Protective Moisturizing Factor for them.

An ultralight emulsion voluptuously Rose and Geranium scented. For its benefits I used a Japanese seaweed Ulva Lactuca, an organic silicium and Avocado oil to stimulate the water reservoir of your cutaneous shield.

These three active components maintain your tissue hydration, tighten skin texture and protect from city pollutants.

It is a must of your basic cosmetic wardrobe.

Active Principles:

Ulva lactuca (Japanese seaweed): to moisturize and oxygenate
Vitamin A palmitate: acts as anti-oxydant and reduces aging signs
Organic silicon: to tonify and revitalize
Avocado oil: to nourish and bring softness

Perfect Gesture:

In the morning after applying your lotion put delicately a film of this protective
moisturizing module on your skin.

Tip for wimen:

Protective Factor Moisturizing is ideal for fixing your make-up.

Tip for men:

Protective Factor Moisturizing is ideal to moisturize and smooth your beard.