Multi-cleanser for face, hair and body:

“In the beginning of 21-st century, one of my friends went on a trip to Cambodia. He chose to travel as a minimalist with a backpack only. To help him travel light, I formulated the All in One Cleanser, a multi-cleanser for face, hair and body. I selected micro capsules containing Wheat Germ and Avocado oil extracts. When they come in contact with water, they stick to hair keratin and skin releasing a fantastic and efficient nutrition together with restructuring and restorative benefits.”-Joelle Ciocco

If you wish to travel light or are a minimalist-this is your cleanser.


active ingredients:

Natural vegetal foaming agent: to moisturize and purify
Micro capsules of wheat germ and avocado oils: to protect, repair and nourish
Vegetable collagen: to moisturize and restructure hair
Aloe vera – aloes: to increase repair capacities, strongly moisturize and act as anti radical

application ritual:

For those cleansing minimalists, All-In-One Cleanser cleanses thoroughly your skin. You
may use it daily to clean your hair, face and body without encountering any eye irritation.

tips for men:

You may use it as shaving cream or to purify and soften your beard.