Osteo Facial-the only non-invasive structural facial with elements of Buccal Massage that naturally addresses root causes of ageing.

Buccal Massage as part of the Osteo Facial at Vita Epidermology Center

addressing the root causes of ageing naturally with osteo facial and buccal massage

Osteo Facial-the only non-invasive, structural facial with elements of Buccal Massage that naturally addresses root causes of ageing.

Osteo Facial is a unique treatment which is very different from a traditional facial that focuses exclusively on the skin. It is a structural facial which addresses the root causes of ageing. If you understand the essence of ageing, you will realize that the ageing process happens on many levels, involving all structures of our face but also the body and not just the skin alone. 

Osteo Facial does not involve extractions, peelings, anything abrasive or invasive. Osteo Facial holds a true meaning of a holistic facial. It works on multiple tissue levels and consists of working on the face and the whole body to address the underlying causes of ageing.

What are the root causes of structural changes in the face? Simply put, it is a result of the changes in bone structure and alignment in the head and body. Our head is made up of 8 skull bones and 14 facial bones. All skull and facial bones connect with one another via sutures. It was previously believed that the sutures of the skull close, making skull bones immobile. A relatively new theory for Western medical science states that skull bones may show slow, steady, cyclical movement. Studies supporting the movement of skull bones are growing and we use these findings to our advantage. The movement of these bones can be felt and their motion can be stimulated.

With age, the collagen-based fibrous sutures narrow down, shrinking and compressing all nearby structures including bones, nerves and vessels (both blood and lymphatic). This can create various forms of discomfort such as headaches, poor memory and concentration, and thinner and more fragile bones. Aesthetic changes include weak facial frame, asymmetry, under-eye hollowness, poor lymphatic flow causing facial swelling and puffiness, and even double chin and nasolabial folds.

Osteo Facial helps address these structural changes using the newly discovered principles mentioned earlier. Working with the natural rhythmic motions of the bones, we can achieve both the skull and facial alignment. Movements are never forced, and you may even fall asleep during the procedure. As a matter of fact, both your sleep and energy will be improved. Your bite will be better, you will experience less tension in the jaw, and the whole face will regain its youthful contour and glow. 

Buccal massage works synergistically with the Osteo Facial and we included it in the Osteo Facial procedure for all the extra benefits. It is a great opportunity to try both therapies simultaneously. You can learn more about the benefits of Buccal Massage here as well as in the Buccal Massage for TMJ blog post by Dr. Mokhir, ND (naturopathic doctor).

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