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We use holistic methods to preserve natural beauty, health and function of the body using non-toxic and non-invasive therapies.

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BMS and vibrovacuum

Multiple lifting and tissue restoring actions with just one device

Qi beauty

 unique skin recovery method that combines principles of acupuncture points and meridians in combination with magnetic therapy.


Osteoaesthetics restores not just the natural beauty but also physical health and well-being.

Recognized as the #1 Buccal Massage Expert in Toronto and the GTA!

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Natural skincare approach beyond the basic principles of cosmetology

Delivering vitamins and nutrients deeper into the skin than topical serums and creams

Most advanced facial massage technique –  fitness for your face

Advanced facial massage technique-sculpting the face to a radiant and glowing skin

Delivering highest concentration of plant based ingredients to the skin

Promoting ultimate hydration to the skin, giving life and vibrance back to it

beyond the skin

Victoria is the founder of Vita Epidermology Center. She graduated medical university in Europe and had a successful career in medicine for more than 10 years. She has always been passionate about natural approaches to skincare and rejuvination. Having had sensitive skin herself for years, she tried countless topical prescriptions without much success. She was determined to find something that would help alleviate her skin sensitivy. She started noticing a pattern. Her skin would react to certain foods she ate and cosmetics she used. It was then that Victoria realized that healthy skin is determined by both our external and internal environments. In 2018, Victoria went to Paris to study Epidermology. It is a skin science which helps create harmony between skin’s external and internal environments. This is the principle of all skin therapies at Vita Epidermology Center.

Beauty is beyond the skin. There are important structures underneath and surrounding the skin such as muscles, ligaments and connective tissue. They all  require our attention and support. To achieve this, we incorporate advanced facial massage techniques into our facials such as Buccal and Sculptural. This comprehensive approach provides the best natural support to our skin.

We incorporate individually-tailored approach to skincare. To us, each guest is an individual, and each treatment a highly personal affair. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with their skin. One that helps them look and feel fabulous inside and out.  



holistic approach to skincare and rejuvination beyond the basic principles of cosmetology

"Incredible experience Victoria was very knowledgable and helpful and I felt fantastic after would highly recommend"
Nicole M.
"Vita is an amazing professional. I like her sculptural massage skills, her holistic approach to health and beauty. Her massage is based on the best European techniques. Highly recommend Vita."
"Wowww this session went far beyond my expectations! Victoria gave me so many great tips that I could take home with me. She was thorough and really catered to what I needed. I left feeling so refreshed and my skin is glowing!" 
Carla M.
"Great experience! Victoria is very knowledgeable in her field and in buccal facials!"
Stephanie F.