Nourishing Lotion:

After double cleansing you may often report that your skin feels tight with the use
of water.

To fight this inconvenience, I formulated Perfecting Lotion.This refreshing and nourishing lotion washes out water hard minerals and respects your skin’s biodiversity.

I chose an Organic Silicium and a plant-based Collagen for their  moisturizing and revitalizing benefits together with Saponin Flower for its purifying properties.

After using it your skin feels totally comfortable again.

Active Principles:

Organic silicon: to revitalizes and tonifies
Saponin flower: as natural cleanser
Vegetable collagen: to moisturize
Sorbitol: to control sebum

Perfect Gesture:

In the evening after cleansing apply with a cotton pad on the entire face, neck and eye area.

Tip for men as aftershave:

Perfecting Lotion soothes skin’s irritations bringing ultra-soft and deep moisturizing comfort.