Brightening Serum:

You often find your complexion dull.

Oxyclear is a brightening serum that makes your skin look radiant.

Highly concentrated in Hibiscus and plant-based Glycerin, Oxyclear restores and strengthens the natural defenses of your skin shield.

A very specific serum in both  internal and external action, that keeps your skin glowy.

Your skin looks radiant and silky.

Active Principles:

Hibiscus: to strengthen your natural skin shield and correct imperfections
Zinc trace element: to regulate sebum and act as essential protective tool for skin
Saccharose and maltose enzymes: to boost skin defenses
Vegetable glycerin: to retain water into the skin and maintain skin’s shield

Perfect Gesture:

Morning and evening apply alone or before your day cream. May be used for a lifting effect to enhance complexion and fix make-up. May also be applied around eye area.

Tip to boost your skin radiance:

After having cleaned your skin and massaged your face for a few moments with a cream or a rich serum like Nourishing Elixir or Blossom Cerate, swipe off the surplus and apply Oxyclear. If possible, wait a few moments before applying your make-up.