Eye and lip contour for mature skins:

After 40, eye and lip contour membranes refine and dehydrate super rapidly requiring a richer and more nourishing supplement.

I formulated Intensive Eye Care as a smooth and soft anti aging treatment.

Enriched with Hyaluronic acid and Evening Primrose oil this cream brings back water to your contours to plump and intensely nourish them.

I added Rhodiola Rosa roots acting a as powerful antioxidant protecting your skin cells.

Your eyes are brightened, yours lips magnified and immediately lifted.

Suited for mature skins.

Active Principles:

Hyaluronic acid: to revitalize and moisturize
Rhodiola rosa root: acts as anti-oxidant and fights free radicals responsible of aging
Ulva lactuca (Japanese seaweed): to moisturize and oxygenate
Evening primrose oil containing triterpenes: to delay skin aging

Perfect Gesture:

Morning and evening apply with fingertips a small amount of the product pressing slowly around eye and mouth areas. Then follow with your normal day care products.


Pair it with Eyelisse either over or using one in the morning and one in the evening in order to reinforce moisturizing and nourishing effects.