Sunscreen cleanser:

Did you know that sunscreens, whatever SPF you may use, cannot be cleansed with any cleanser?

Day after day, they stick to your skin and clog it causing imperfections, dryness and dehydration.

That is why I formulated Gentle Cleansing Cream, perfectly suited to fully cleanse sunscreens without arming your cutaneous flora balance.

I chose Saponin Flower and Marshmallow to deliver your face a tender emulsion with emulsifying and emollient properties.

Your skin is totally purified, reveals its freshness and is ready to receive your lotion.

Active Principles:

Saponin flower: to cleanse while purifying
Marshmallow: natural foaming agent
Neroli essential oil: to boost muscular tissues
Vitamin E: anti-oxidant

Perfect Gesture:

Each evening Sensitive Cleansing Milk should be used twice. Once to remove make-up and urban pollutants and twice to cleanse thoroughly the skin.
Take a bit of the milk and apply in rotating movements and rinse with water. Renew and rinse. Blow your face dry and use Perfective Lotion with a cotton pad.

  1. Apply a dime size of the product and work in rotating movements with your fingertips. Rinse with water.
  2. Renew and rinse thoroughly.
  3. Dry your skin and apply Perfective Lotion with a cotton pad.
Joelle’s tip to remove waterproof eye makeup:

Apply a dime size of Gentle Cleansing Cream with a cotton pad then put it on closed eyes and let sit for 4 to 5 seconds in order to let the active ingredients dissolve make-up.
Gently put the cotton pad under the eyelashes, closing your eyes and move slowly upwards in order to fully remove mascara.
Finish by interior to exterior movements over the entire eye area (2 or 3 times are enough).