Complexion corrector cream:

With time, sun as well as hormonal changes cause dark spots.

That is why I formulated Correcting Treatment Cream to stimulate cellular breathing and complexion corrector.

Active Principles:

Boosted in Carnicine and Matrikine, this cream has an antioxidant effect and acts like a natural and soft peeling, draining toxins out with a brightening anti aging benefit.

Cellular breathing is stimulated and dark spots attenuated.

Perfect Gesture:

Morning and evening, after cleansing apply a dime size on the entire face and neck. Lightly massage until totally absorbed.

Active Principles:

Tomato fruit extract: to boost skin cells renewal
Carnicine: amino acids to revitalize and firm up your skin
Matrikine: to restructure tissues, repair and bring in depth anti-aging effect
Passion fruit seed oil: to boost tissues while leaving skin soft and matt


Apply Thermoregulatory lotion before in order to boost Correcting Treatment effect.