Purifying Lotion:

In the morning many of you still cleanse your face, please don’t!

If you have double cleansed at night, your skin just requires to be purified with respect to natural restoring mechanism developed during the night. 

Botanical Lotion was created to respect your skin’s membrane and  enchance its purity.

I chose Grapefruit, Rosemary and Sage for their purifying properties.
Their own sugars take off night’s secretions such as sweat, sebum and maintain your skin natural protective power.

Botanical Lotion is a morning ritual to wake up your skin.

Active Principles:

Grapefruit: as anti-oxidant
Rosemary: to refresh and firm
Sage: to tonify, purify and repair

Perfect Gesture:

Morning, apply Botanical Lotion on a cotton pad over the entire face, neck and décolletage.
For those using Foaming Cleansing Care you may use Botanical Lotion in the evening as well after cleansing.

Tip for enlarged pores:

Apply a second time the Botanical Lotion dabbing it with a cotton swab on the entire face. This method will preserve skin pores closing at longer term.